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Hello! I'm Tressa, and I am a UX Designer at Boeing in Seattle. I work on creating positive and delightful experiences for enterprise manufacturing software. I like the challenge that enterprise software brings to UX design, and feel empowered that I am able to improve the daily lives of tens of thousands of employees across the world.

My fascination with users started at the University of Washington, where I graduated with a BS in Human Centered Design and Engineering. During my undergrad I completed a capstone project in partnership with nFocus, to redesign the Report Center in their product TraxSolutions. The project idenitified key usability problems, and was able to design with real user's current needs and frustrations in mind. The final design was presented at the HCDE Open House where it was selected for People's Choice.

While not at work I hang out with my best friend (his name Is Bear and wears amazing bandanas), work on eating at every place in Seattle, and bring out my inner yogi.